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Get $25 for Every Referral

Refer us to your favorite locally owned businesses in or around Augusta, GA to advertise with us, and get  $25 after they sign up!  Read more...

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Our Target Market

Please enlarge map if necessary to view our target market for The Hollerin' Dollar Augusta GA.

Imagine creating savings opportunities at all your favorite locally owned businesses for yourself and friends, all while getting paid to do so!


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This information is collected so that we can  create your very own shareable landing page to make it easy for you to share!
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We will email your referral partner link as quickly as possible, and look forward to your assistance in helping us spread the word about The Hollerin' Dollar!  GO HERE to see a sample of what a referral page will look like.
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Once you have been emailed your link, you'll have a scannable QR code at the top as well as the same social share buttons on your page that you see to your right, making it easy to email or text your page's link or even copy the link and paste it on social media. 
Get paid
Anyone who signs up using your designated coupon code on your page will be credited to your account and you'll be sent $25 upon receipt of their first payment. They'll save 15% for life when they use your coupon code!
Qualify for residuals
Want to get paid month after month on your referrals?  Want to build a steady stream of extra income on the side, or maybe even build a new career?  Let us know you're interested in the form below and we'll provide you with more details.
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Who doesn't want to save money?  And who doesn't want to make money?  Whether your friends save/make money themselves or share your link with business owners they know to help you out, its a win-win for everyone!